Item Drop Rate
Ahrim's Key Part 100%
Ahrim's Hood 1/300
Ahrim's Robe Top 1/300
Ahrim's Robe Skirt 1/300
Ahrim's Boots 1/300
Ahrim's Staff 1/400
Dragon Platelegs 1/800


Hitpoints 90
Hostile Yes
Type Undead

Set InfoEdit

Item Durability Stats
Ahrim's Hood 110,000 1.5 Armor
Ahrim's Robe Top 160,000 3.5 Armor
Ahrim's Robe Skirt 150,000 2 Armor
Ahrim's Boots 130,000 1.5 Armor
Ahrim's Staff N/A +12 Attack

Ahrim's Staff has infinite durability and when right clicked, shoots a fireball similar to a ghast fireball.

The fireball deals 6 damage upon hitting and sets the area around it on fire.

Currently disabled in Scapecraft v15 due to explosive nature of fireball able to destroy item frame shops

Full Set BonusEdit

8.5 Armor

+30 Health (50 Health total)

Inflicts Slowness (high level, basically cant move) for 10 seconds, and Weakness for 10 seconds upon hitting an enemy