UPDATED 2016 Edit

New Player Guide Edit

  1. Complete Tutorial Island. (Recommended to get 10 mining and even make money in the mining section)
  2. At lvl 1 wcing you can already wc for wood for an infinite source of charcoal.
  3. Kill cows/other animals for meat and cook a decent amount to stay alive for a long time.
  4. You can sell copper and tin ore in varrock for 6 each, thats 768 money for selling 1 stack of each. (there's 2 mines south of varrock also)
  5. The house in between edgeville and barbarian village has over 10+ re spawning men for easy combat xp.
  6. Eventually with money you can buy 16 arrows for 80 money, and 16 arrows is about enough to kill 1 green dragon, which drops addy and green dhide.

Tips & Tricks Edit

Remember there are lodestones.

Remember to bank your stuff before exploring new areas.

Money Making Methods Edit

  1. Selling Tin and Copper in Varrock
  2. Selling armor and weapons of any kind to the appropriate shops