Elite black knight (also known as ebk) is a mob that rarely spawns at night. Its strange, but hes wielding saradomins sword. In scapecraft server there is 2 spawners in wilderness.


Item Drop Rate
Black Sword 1/3
Black Helm (G) 1/500
Black Chestplate (G) 1/500
Black Platelegs (G) 1/500
Black Boots (G) 1/500
Black Halberd 1/500
Dragon Platelegs 1/1000
Gold Nugget 100%
Xp Orb (2) 100%


Hitpoints 90
Hostile Yes
Type Undead


Best tactics is to lure black knight in a corner and attack very fast while jumping (for critical hits), he will be unable to move and you will kill him very fast (with iron, white or black sword you can kill him approx. in 10 seconds).

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