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How to craft a Godsword

Godswords are very powerful swords that are added to Minecraft by installing the Scapecraft mod.

There are four Godswords in the mod and they are very time consuming to craft.

Armadyl : 20 Attack Damage, Special : Do a powerful strike and leap into the air.

Saradomin : 18 Attack Damage, Special : Critical strike your target and gain regeneration and resistance for a couple of seconds.

Zamorak : 18 Attack Damage, Special : Critical strike your target and stun it for a couple of seconds.

Bandos : 18 Attack Damage, Special : Critical strike your target and send them into the air.


The Godswords take quite a while to craft because of all the components it is based on, you will need Godsword shard 1, 2, 3 and a hilt depending on which Godsword you want to craft.

The hilts for the Godswords are often dropped by powerful mobs or bosses, to get all the 4 components needed you will need to grind for it, unless you are very lucky.


Bandos Godsword is the easiest sword to create because the hilt is often dropped in the Bandos godwars dungeon.

Armadyl Godsword is the most powerful of the four because of its high Attack Damage and hard hitting special attack.

Saradomin Godsword is very useful for soloing bosses because it gives you massive health regen and resistance.

Zamorak Godsword is useful when you eigther need to chase something down or run from something.

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