Iron Dragons spawn in Taiga biomes, on top of a large tower with Ice Giants at the bottom.

The Iron Dragon is a large creature and can be dangerous due to the high hitpoints, and ability to knock you off the high tower that they spawn on with their fire attack.
2013-08-04 20.58.43

The Iron Dragon.

To prevent them knocking you off, you should assemble a 2 high wall of obsidian all around the spawner, and some way of entering and exiting if you're planning to farm these.


Item Drop Rate
Iron Sword 1/3
Iron Chestplate 1/5
Gold Ingot 1/20
Rune chestplate 1/50
Dragon Dagger 1/200
Dragon Platelegs 1/500
Godsword Shard 2 1/2000
Xp Orb (2) 100%


Hitpoints 150
Hostile Yes
Type Undead

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