Lodestones and their Coords with HD Pictures :) Edit

Lodestones are used to teleport around the world using /warp commands. To warp somewhere, check what lodestones you have by simply typing /warp. Then to go where you want to go, type /warp (place here) with the place here being the exact word you saw from typing /warp. (For example /warp lumbridgelodestone all one word after warp)

Tutorial coord
Tutorial Island Lodestone
Tutorial lodestone
Lumbridge coord
Lumbridge Lodestone
Lumbridge lodestone
Draynor coord
Draynor Lodestone
Draynor lodestone
Portsarim coord
Port Sarim Lodestone
Portsarim lodestone
Falador coord
Falador Lodestone
Falador lodestone
Edge coord
Edgeville Lodestone
Edge lodestone
Varrock coord
Varrock Lodestone
Varrock lodestone
Alkharid coord
Alkharid Lodestone
Alkharid lodestone
Ge coord
GE Lodestone (already activated)
Ge lodestone

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