Mining Locations and their Coords with HD Pictures :)Edit

Tutorial island coord
Tutorial island
Tutorial Island Mine

4x Sandstone

6x Cobblestone

4x Copper

4x Tin

4x Iron

Lumby swamp north coord
Lumby swamp north
Lumbridge Swamp North Mine (East in RS) 8x Copper

8x Tin

1x Iron

Lumby south coord
Lumby south
Lumbridge Swamp South Mine (West in RS) 5x Coal

1x Iron

2x Mithril

1x Adamantite

Varrock north coords
Varrock north
Varrock North Mine (East in RS) 9x Cobblestone

6x Copper

6x Tin

4x Iron

2x Coal

Varrock south coords
Varrock south
Varrock South Mine (West in RS) 8x Copper

8x Tin

3x Iron

Alkharid front coords
Alkharid front
Alkharid back
Alkharid Mine 24x Cobblestone

4x Copper

4x Tin

10x Iron

7x Coal

2x Gold

3x Mithril

2x Adamant

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