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Torag is one of the 7 barrows brothers. He is slightly faster then the player and uses melee. Each of the barrows drop their own key.


Item Drop Rate
Torag's Helmet 1/300
Torag's Chestplate 1/300
Torag's Platelegs 1/300
Torag's Boots 1/300
Torag's Hammer 1/400
Dragon Platelegs 1/400
Torag's Key Part 100%
Xp Orb (1) 100%


Hitpoints 90
Hostile Yes
Type Undead


He will debuff you with slowness 2.

Set InfoEdit

Item Durability Stats
Torag's Helmet 220,000 1.5 Armor
Torag's Chestplate 320,000 4.5 Armor
Torag's Platelegs 300,000 3 Armor
Torag's Boots 260,000 1.5 Armor
Torag's Hammer 10,000 +15 Attack

Full Set BonusEdit

10 Armor

+30 Health (50 Health total)

Enemies hit get Slowness for 10 seconds

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