Item Drop Rate
Verac's Helmet 1/300
Verac's Chestplate 1/300
Verac's Platelegs 1/300
Verac's Boots 1/300
Verac's Flail 1/400
Dragon Platelegs 1/400
Verac's Key Part 100%
Xp Orb (1) 100%


Hitpoints 90
Hostile Yes
Type Undead

Set InfoEdit

Item Durability Stats
Verac's Helmet 110,000 1.5 Armor
Verac's Chestplate 160,000 3.5 Armor
Verac's Platelegs 150,000 3 Armor
Verac's Boots 130,000 1.5 Armor
Verac's Flail 10,000 +11 Attack

Full Set BonusEdit

9.5 Armor

+30 Health (50 Health total)

Enemies hit take double damage

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