This is a list of known teleports available freely to any player with/without a faction on the scapecraft server :


/warp area1

/warp area2

/warp area3

/warp area4

/warp area5

/warp area6

/warp area7

/warp area8

/warp wildy1

/warp wildy2

/warp wildy3

/warp wildy4

/warp wildy5

/warp wildy6

/warp wildy7

/warp wildy8

/warp wildy9

/warp wildy10

/F home (factions who have set their home only)

/home (Donator)

/warp shop

/warp mobarena

/warp donatorisland

/warp sell

/warp buy

..And the list goes on

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