Zamorak Godsword
A Player wielding a Zamorak Godsword
Damage +18
Special? Yes
Dropped by N/A

The Zamorak Godsword is a High-Level weapon that is crafted by using a Godsword Blade and a Zamorak Hilt. These items are dropped by high level monsters and bosses which makes the Zamorak Godsword quite difficult to obtain. The Zamorak Godsword is very useful in PVP because it gives the target extreme slowness, not allowing them to use most of the good PVP tactics that require speed.

Crafting RecipeEdit

Godsword Blade + Zamorak Hilt to create the Zamorak Godsword.

All 3 Godsword Shards to create the Godsword Blade.


Dropping MonstersEdit

Zamorak HiltEdit

Dark Wizard


Godsword Shard 1Edit

Sergeant Grimspike 1/1000
Green Dragon 1/1000

Godsword Shard 2Edit

Sergeant Steelwill 1/1000
Iron Dragon 1/2000

Godsword Shard 3Edit

Sergeant Stongstack 1/1000
New Lesser Demon 1/1000

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